Executive Development



Whatever your field or specialty we have a wide ranging list of senior management advisers that can mentor, coach and develop yourself or your staff. We have a number or programs available:


  • Single person appraisal and coaching day
  • Team appraisal and coaching day
  • Single person 1 year development program
  • Team 1 year development program
  • CEO coaching and mentoring (1 year)
  • Individual development plan
  • Course in Coaching others
  • Mentoring and mentoring schemes


Organisms inside Organisations

Building from our 6 Pr-incipals of business that we have used for many years helping  organisations to function we have taken some of these principals and used them to help understand how to develop individuals functions and asses the areas of themselves that they need to develop or build upon. We call it Organisms inside organisations.   The 6 individual functions are essence, needs and motivations in the emotional region and  knowledge, actions and evaluation within the practical region. (see image opposite)

Our courses look into the drivers of an individual, their skills and knowledge, their needs, how they evaluate situations, how they act and how they remain competitive or help others to remain competitive.  The structure and format helps them to understand themselves a little better and also to understand others enabling them to become part of a team.

Many of the courses listed above teach some of these attributes and form the basis of discussion, debate when building a development plan.

Why not contact us to see how we can develop your staff to work together better and to understand how we use our 6 principals to help senior people to become Leaders in Print.